Initiatives & Projects

At the moment, we are focusing all of our energy on what we can do to ensure that our streets do not go back to normal on the other side of quarantine. Now is the time to make simple changes to our rights of way so that other ways of getting around are available and viable once this is over. We (the City) have had goals of reducing car-traffic and car-speeding, and improving walkability and bikeability for years. Now is our chance to implement these goals. CMABS is working on a Slow Streets New Deal, of which the Costa Mesa Slow Streets Project is a big part. Read more here and here.

CMABS volunteers help organize the monthly Costa Mesa Community Rides, but since those have been stopped due to COVID-19 we've published all of our Costa Mesa rides as a set of self-guided bike tours.  Visit parks, learn about Costa Mesa's history, or take a tour of donut shops!

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Costa Mesa Alliance for Better Streets is a 501(c)(3) public charity located in Costa Mesa, California.

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