NACTO Guide. The City of Costa Mesa should endorse the National Association of City Transportation Official's Urban Street Design Guide. Often cities are nervous about deviating from accepted traffic engineering standards because of the risk of lawsuits, even when the proposed improvements are clearly in the interest of safety. Endorsement of this guide would allow us to make people-oriented street improvements that might otherwise seem risky. Even Caltrans and the FHWA have endorsed it! See details here.

Twenty is Plenty. While many of the speed limits on our city streets should be lowered, both through design and enforcement, a crucial place to begin is on our residential streets. Read about what Portland, OR has done here. In California, however, it's not as easy. Read about our 85th percentile rule here and here for some background, and let us know if you have any ideas as to start making change possible here.


Open Streets. Our goal is to open at least part of E. 17th St. for a few hours on a Sunday to help people get a taste of how special a street can be when the cars are gone. We'll be discussing this at our meetings.

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